We empower and enable organisations and people to thrive

Let’s Do It Foundation aims to unite the global community, raise awareness and implement true change to achieve our final goal – a clean and healthy planet.

Who we are

Let’s Do It Foundation was established in 2011 to support the growth of a civic movement of nation-wide cleanup actions. Over the years we have mobilised 36 million positive-minded, action-orientated people in 169 countries. After calling to life World Cleanup Day – the biggest civic action against waste – we are continuing our work towards a waste free world. While people can have a comparatively similar impact when cleaning, they can have a substantially greater impact as influencers in their communities.

To tackle the problem at source, we have put together a helpful guideline the Keep It Clean Plan, to help anyone get started who feels they could do more. Our programs are built around the concepts of circular economy and zero waste. We work with:

  • civil society organisations aspiring to start sustainable waste management initiatives;
  • social enterprises developing zero waste and circular economy approach in collaboration with local and/or national governments;
  • foundations and corporations interested in investing in livelihoods, women empowerment and circular waste management solutions, using tech for good;
  • local authorities willing to go beyond awareness raising. 

Our Vision, Mission and Action Plan

  1. Vision

    A clean and healthy waste free world!

  2. Mission

    To connect and empower people and organisations around the world to make our planet waste free.

  3. Values

    The core in Let’s Do It! success lies in its values:

    Cooperation. We are open to everybody: dreamers and doers; all individuals, organizations and institutions willing to find global solutions to a global problem. We see cooperation as both an instrument and a goal in itself. Thinking and acting together can create great deeds and solutions.

    Positivity.We focus on creating a positive change; on tackling problems and finding solutions; on looking for opportunities to move on together; to enjoy the process, make it fun and celebrate success.

    Ambition to Action. We believe the change we want is inevitable. We believe in our plan to clean the world. Doing gets it done. We are driven to find new solutions and have courage to bring great ideas to life!

    In addition don’t forget about honesty, openness and fun! Although they are already included in our main values we still feel it’s important to bring them out separately, to reflect them deeply in all our actions.

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